Our Services

We Provide

  • Pond Construction
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Water Feature Maintenance
  • Aquarium Installation, Design & Maintenance
  • Reptile & Amphibian care
  • Fish Transportation
  • Holiday Care

Pond Construction

Ponds come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are very straight cut and ornamental whereas others are more natural being designed with wildlife in mind. Whatever your needs and budget, Abbey Aquatics can provide a pond to suit you and your garden or business premises.

Abbey Aquatics provides an expert pond installation service that can turn your own dreams, designs and plans into reality or if you would like we can design the entire project ourselves creating you a beautiful oasis to be envied by your friends, neighbours or clients.

We can take care of the entire process from design and construction to equipment selection and installation and eventually through to the introduction of your first plants, fish and for those of you with larger ponds we can also individually select high quality koi.

Pond & Water Feature Maintenance

Overtime, if your pond isn’t properly maintained it will soon become a stagnant stinking bog, filling up with silt and debris and becoming over crowded by plants and swamped with algae.

Abbey Aquatics can provide you with a maintenance service that revitalises your pond restoring its former glory. By utilising our experience and the latest in pond vacuuming technology we can remove the silt and organic debris that has accumulated at the bottom of the pond, cut back and remove overgrown and invasive plants, clean your pumps and filtration systems and perform tests to analyse the water quality.

We believe in a non-invasive and stress free maintenance regime that retains as much of the original water and pond life as possible as this is best for both the pond ecosystem as a whole and the fish and wildlife.

If your pond is leaking or pumps have stopped working Abbey Aquatics can solve the problem. Small holes and cracks in rubber liners, fibreglass and concrete can sometimes be easily repaired and fixing the problem may be the quickest, cheapest and overall the best option. In certain cases however, if the liner is old or damaged, the best approach is to re-line the entire pond. This is also a service we can offer. We will always seek to find the best option for your situation and requirements.

For a lot of people algae is a recurring problem but it is one that is easily solved. Excessive algae growth is one of the most commonly reported pond problems. Abbey Aquatics has access to top of the range algae solutions including organic barley straw, natural and synthetic powder/liquid treatments and ultraviolet (UV) clarifiers which are designed to make your water clear again without harming wildlife or fish. Many of these algae treatments use a natural blend of minerals and enzymes making it nearly impossible to overdose your pond.

Are your beloved and prized fish going missing or being wounded and killed by unseen forces? The most likely culprit is the Grey Heron. This is a large bird that will readily take fish from your pond and commonly attacks during the early hours of the morning. We can provide a range of heron protection techniques and deterrents that help to protect your fish not only from herons but also other birds such as crows and magpies and also from cats and other predators.

Many people experience pond and fish health problems in the spring due to poor preparation and care during the winter months. Abbey Aquatics can fully prepare your pond and fish for the coldest winter months ensuring that when spring arrives you are in the best possible situation for the year ahead. It is very important to use the right fish foods at the right times of year, especially when feeding expensive Japanese koi. In the colder months fish find it difficult to digest high levels of protein so the food must be adjusted to suit them.

Abbey Aquatics can also provide maintenance for your reptile or amphibian enclosures. Visiting as often as you would like to carry out regular maintenance to keep their housing clean and clear.

Water Feature Maintenance

Water features can make a stunning focal point in any home or business premises, adding life and noise to otherwise dull areas. Water features also require a lot of care to not only keep them looking attractive but to prolong their life and appearance. Abbey Aquatics offer long and short term maintenance contracts for water features big and small.

Aquarium Installation, Design & Maintenance

Water is an important feature that people are naturally drawn to and remember and an aquarium should be the focal point of any home or business premises. It invokes feelings of calm and serenity which people of all ages and background can appreciate. Abbey Aquatics can offer you an aquarium installation and design service by re-creating a whole host of natural environments, from the lush underwater forests of the River Amazon to the sparse rocky landscapes of Lake Malawi or the bustling colours and movement of the Great Barrier Reef. Whatever your taste, budget and space availability we can create an unforgettable feature to suit your home or business environment.

There are hundreds of different types and sizes of aquarium on the market and Abbey Aquatics are able to install these for you. But if you can’t find the style of aquarium you are looking for or are unable to find one in the exact size you require we are able to provide and install custom built aquariums to your exact specifications via a specialist manufacturer.

With poor husbandry and without proper maintenance an aquarium can quickly turn into an eyesore. Everything becomes covered in green algae, the water begins to smell, filters become clogged, lights lose their brightness and the plants and fish begin to suffer.

Marine aquariums can be stunning displays but only with lots of time, enthusiasm and dedication. If you are short on time then Abbey Aquatics can take over the boring, mundane but essential weekly maintenance tasks that are required to sustain a healthy coral reef display leaving you to sit back and enjoy a window on one of nature’s most beautiful natural habitats.

Abbey Aquatics can offer you complete maintenance for your freshwater or marine aquarium. We can reduce and prevent algae problems, perform water changes, clean filters and pumps, install new equipment and improve the health and wellbeing of your plants and fish.

Reptile & Amphibian Care

Looking for something a bit different? How about your very own rainforest right in your living room complete with waterfalls, streams, rain, fog and some brilliantly coloured poison dart frogs? Or perhaps an arid desert for the bedroom, with a real life Dragon sunbathing among the cacti?

Abbey Aquatics can design, install and maintain vibrant exotic displays for the home or business premises to accommodate reptiles and amphibians. We have personal and professional experience in keeping a variety of exotics including axolotls, snakes, lizards, frogs and newts. Reptiles and Amphibians can make a great feature which is easy to look after provided a few simple rules are followed. If you already have a reptile or amphibian then Abbey Aquatics could provide a maintenance package to make sure that you have a stunning, clean enclosure without having to lift a finger.

Fish Transportation

Should you be shutting down your pond and looking to re-home your fish or moving house and wanting to take your fish with you, Abbey Aquatics is experienced in the stress free transportation of all sizes of fish from small goldfish to very large koi.

Holiday Care

With Abbey Aquatics you can be safe in the knowledge that you can go on holiday with the peace of mind that when you return your fish or reptiles will be just as they were when you left. We can feed your animals and maintain your displays to your exacting requirements.